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About Us

We are the Waltons: Corrie, Jonathan, Hudson, and Graham. And we love to travel! God created a great, big, beautiful world, and He wants us to enjoy His handiwork. There is nothing like reconnecting with each other, reenergizing ourselves, and reigniting our purpose and faith while discovering the world. Our passion is to help others learn to enjoy the journey.  

We decided to start Walton Adventures because we hope sharing our travels will inspire others to explore the amazing world around them. We also want to give practical tips on the destinations we have visited, the places we have stayed, the food we have enjoyed, and the adventures we have shared. We found that many people struggle with the research and planning for a vacation but love the actual trip. We actually enjoy working through the nuts and bolts of planning vacations, not only for ourselves but for others. So, Walton Adventures was born.

If you have a destination in mind, we would love to help you research and plan your next big adventure, even if we haven't been there yet ourselves. Have a fixed budget and/or schedule? We will help you build personalized traveling itineraries. We would love to discuss your needs and desires and then work to build a plan that will make those dreams a reality.

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Walton Family in Hawaii
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