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What We Find Cool About Disney World

Since our boys were small, we have always enjoyed trips to Disney World. We have shared many laughs, some cries, some good times, and some not so good times, in the four parks that make up Disney World. All the typical things that go along with spending lots of time with the same people, especially children, while making memories. For much of our family travels, this "magical" land in Orlando has been one of our favorite escapes. I know some people simply cannot understand that, most often because they have never been. So, we will try to explain just a few of the reasons Disney World is special to us.

It all started with a mouse. The inspiration behind the park is always amazing to consider. It all started with one cartoonist and an idea about a mouse. After failed attempts at business, Walt Disney's short illustrations about this mouse become a sensation that led to a few short cartoon features. Those features eventually led to the massive conglomerate that Disney is today. You can like Disney or not, but there is no denying that the story is motivating. I cannot help but be inspired to work toward my dreams after taking in the vastness of what working toward your dreams can produce.

The excellence is undeniable. The excellence with which Disney World works to make sure every guest has a great experience is noticeable. We once planned a longer trip to Orlando to enjoy Disney World and another theme park in the area within the same few days. The difference in guest experience, atmosphere, quality of care, theming, maintenance of the parks, cleanliness, and staff training was palpable. We have been to many different theme parks, and Disney World's excellence is simply unmatched.

The Theming is Captivating. Disney World truly feels like visiting another world. The theming of the parks is intense. Almost every attraction is captivating from the moment you step in the line to ride it. The restaurants aren't just places to eat. They too are incredibly themed. It is so well thought out that you have to pay attention our you might miss the finite details that have gone into making the atmosphere so special. It's not just a few strategically placed decorations attempting to remind guests what the attraction is supposed to represent. No! Each attraction is completely immersive, making it a unique and unforgettable experience. (Future blog about best themed attractions coming later).

Hidden Mickeys. As the boys were growing up, we always found it fun to try to find the various hidden Mickey symbols strategically placed throughout the park. You will find the three circles making Mickey's head and ears in bushes, plates, paintings, sidewalks, park benches, and much more as you make your way through the four parks. Several sources confirm that there are more than 1,000 hidden Mickeys waiting to be discovered. Finding them has always been a fun game for us.

Fun Foods. Disney World has incredible restaurants and fun dining spots located throughout the park. Whether you are dining at Belle's Castle to meet the Beast and see the ballroom, eating your way around the World Showcase at Epcot, dining with the characters at Tusker House, hitting the Skipper Canteen, or my personal favorite, enjoying a few slices at Via Napoli, there are so many unbelievable options to choose from. We have been to Disney World several times and are still finding new places to try. (Future Blog about best places we've eaten in Disney coming later).

Disney Brings Out the Inner Child. Disney World is truly a place that most find it enjoyable for the entire family. Let's face it, the rides at Disney World aren't as intense as some other theme parks. But the "magic" of Disney is that although most of the attractions aren't as intense, the enjoyment of the experience is. Whether you are a five-year-old child or a 45-year-old adult, you find yourself laughing, smiling, and enjoying the moment the same. You usually leave the experience happier than when you came.

Disney is Always Growing. We have found that unlike revisiting other theme parks, no two visits are the same. Disney World is so immersive that no matter how many times you have previously visited, there will always be new discoveries you didn't notice before. That is one great attribute of Disney World. Another is the fact that they are constantly updating and adding new attractions. These brand-new attractions, combined with the vastness of the parks, make it impossible to take everything in. This is part of what makes Disney World unique.

Family Friendly Atmosphere. Disney World has done an incredible job of remaining a different class of theme park. It doesn't give the exclusive country club vibes that make some feel unwelcome, but it works hard to maintain a certain level of decorum and class. Of course, when so many guests are coming through the gates every day, there will be issues, but Disney World isolates and controls those instances to always present a well-polished presence that is greatly appreciated. It's a safe and happy place to bring a family.

Character Interaction. As the boys were growing up, the smiles we would get as the various characters of Disney would interact with them was heartwarming. Disney World offers multiple opportunities (some free, some paid for) to meet popular characters from many of its feature films. The kids (and adults) will meet Disney princesses, heroes, heroines, and major characters (Donald Duck, Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, etc) as you journey through the park.

The Nighttime Shows at the Parks. Before leaving the parks in the evening, if you can stay long enough, there is an incredible firework and light show that's sure to leave you feeling wowed. We have always enjoyed the choreography, musical scores, and colorful explosions, as Disney World goes all out to send you off in the evening.

Disney World definitely rates as a place you should visit.

If you decide to go and need help making a plan, learning the layout, scheduling dining, figuring out best places to stay, etc, that is one of our specialties. We'd love to help.

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Jun 05, 2023

Love this!! The food and theming are some of my favorite parts about Disney also!

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